Our Story

People, like seeds, have to be nurtured and loved.

Our story began 8 years ago with a single seed, and we have been rooted in the Eastern Detroit neighborhood ever since. What started as a simple project to create a flower garden for a loved one grew into a community initiative that began filling vacant lots with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Today, Nurturing Our Seeds is more than just a community garden. We operate our farm in 9 vacant lots to providing healthy foods, fresh herbs, and radical compassion to the eastern Detroit community and beyond. We are food justice warriors, and we measure our success by our ability to provide healthy foods to the local community.

Farm: The east side of Detroit is known as a food desert, or an area with limited access to affordable and nutritious food products. Nurturing Our Seeds grows a variety of seasonal produce and herbs to solve to neighborhood’s social problem of healthy food access. We grow because our children, grandchildren, and families deserve 13147514_976142645772712_7937614263556476141_oto live a healthy life free from overpriced, molded, spoiled, and expired foods in their neighborhood grocery stores.

Wellness: We are doing this work because we must use food as a healing method for our bodies, and choose to eat naturally, chemical-free. Our Worship Garden will serve as a place for healing and gathering in which residents can engage in activities such as worship, meditation, yoga, martial arts, dance, painting etc. The garden will house edible flowers and healing herbs that can be harvested.

Education & Empowerment: Our farm is a family, and we invite the people of our neighborhood to join us learning the lost art and discipline of working with your hands. We hire laborers and apprentices from Eastern Detroit; it gives youth an opportunity to gain skills and stay out of street violence and gives us the chance to love them into greatness.

Community: We seek to create a community farm that is more than just a sustainable food source. Nurturing our Seeds is a place where one grower looks out for the next. On our farm, people from all walks of life are invited to join us in overcoming barriers to uplifting struggling neighborhoods by nurturing them into thriving, healthy and happy communities.